Disconnect to Reconnect: Finding your Morning Routine For a More Productive You

In Soccer by Jackie Cruz

The picture above is of 20-year-old Chinese Medicine balls, of course in soccer ball form, that my Aunt brought me from her travels. I didn’t know it back then, but they have played in integral part in my life everyday for the past several years. Having a permanent place above my Kon Mari-organized drawers, the tiny soccer balls remind me every single morning to have peace with myself before I embark on whatever journey I have for that day.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, once I find peace by relaxing and disconnecting, my mind, body and spirit are reconnected and are ready to be more productive for the day.

Put the energy in to get more energy outAnonymous

Everyone talks about being more productive, but who actually follows through? Who still checks his or her social media notifications a few moments after waking up? Who blows off getting up early for those extra 20 minutes of sleep? I was one of those doubters who thought there was just not enough time in the day. However, I found my secret and want to share my transforming experience with you today because productivity is possible.

Having a morning routine prepares your mind, body and spirit for a healthy and productive day. Moments spent in silence helps awaken your spirit and focus, certain drinks or exercise energize your body and organizing a daily task list gets your mind aligned with your goals.

Many people want to be more productive, but don’t want to put in the extra effort to find out how. They don’t see the results they could have and are fogged in by current distractions. I found my optimal routine based on trial and error, but I wanted to make a difference in my day. I wanted to find my magic potion to get an edge. If you never try to be better and take the time to invest in yourself, you will never be.

As Shopify puts it, “…you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning, the morning after that, the one after that, and likely, the next 10,000-20,000 mornings after that. Why would you not spend some time to figure out what will create better, more productive days…?” Putting in the effort to discover your optimal routine creates a better you. Period.

How-to Find a Routine :

  • Think about what makes you calm, peaceful and relaxed
  • Have in mind a few healthy, clean drinks or food that bring energy
  • Think about what is disorganized in your morning rituals
  • Think about how you write down or remember to-do list items
  • Get your goals in your head. What do you want to accomplish in the morning? An energetic start? A little extra work? A new invigorated spirit?
  • Let’s start with my routine. My most coveted time is every morning when all is quiet and still. After using my hormone-free birth control monitor, daysy, do my stretches and put the water on for tea. In the meantime, I go to the bathroom and scrape my tongue to prepare my body for optimal nutrient absorption.

    I prepare another glass of juice and add an organic mix of Amazing Grass Green Superfood, Wheat Grass Powder and Hemp Protein Powder. Organic matcha tea powder is also a favorite go-to. Following this 800-year-old ceremony to a T (pun intended) promotes 4 principles – harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (sei) and tranquility (jaku). I eat well, but sometimes I don’t get 100% of daily vitamins, but these organic drinks give my body most of the vitamins and nutrients it needs and more of an energy kick than coffee.

    If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself at the shamazing benefits from the hemp protein powder, superfood green energy drink and matcha tea:

    While savoring the unique flavors of earl grey, white rose or jasmine green teas, I start to breathe slowly and finally begin to review my inbox. I try to follow a minimalistic approach and use my inbox as a secondary to-do list. I delete or file emails appropriately and make sure my inbox is clean by the end of the day (or at least have no scroll bar). Getting in the mindset needed to accomplish my daily goals, I add to or make a master agenda list, and put the most important and time-sensitive tasks at the top (no numbering).

    Cleanse Your Spirit
    Having a daily facial regimen is more than preparing your face for the world. An effective routine cleanses your soul, lifts your spirit and feeds your body. After, you are ready to take on any challenge. Your face is the first thing people see and the lasting impression people have.

    Starting with the first step of washing, dirt, oil and dead skin are swept away from pores and the skin’s surface. This resembles a cleansing of the spirit, as negative energy, problems and stress are washed away. Oils and creams provide hydrating benefits and also somewhat block potential environmental hazards, like free radicals or pollution. If you are experiencing some breakout problems, try zinc supplements. After stopping hormone birth control, my face was out of whack! Consult your doctor first, but 50-100 milligrams daily for one week worked for me!

    I always recommend natural and vegan products over synthetic ones. There is something special and moving about putting plant-based products on your face and body – it makes me feel closer to nature. Also, they almost immediately soak into the skin and radiate a healthy glow.

    Here are some amazing insider tips (using organic ingredients):

  • Cover your hair with olive oil overnight and wash it out twice in the morning. Your hair will shine bright like a diamond, guaranteed!
  • Dunk the end of a q-tip in castor oil and apply to eyebrows and eyelashes as a magic growth serum
  • Shea and cupuaçu butters are great for moisturising skin
  • Argan oil makes an out-of-this-world dry patch ointment for hair and skin
  • Sea buckthorn oil is a perfect facial oil to get rid of marks and scars almost overnight!
  • Less is More
    Productivity also entails practicing minimalism. Where do I apply this the most? Clothes. Why do I follow this? Fewer decisions, more time gained for productive things, more energy and less stress.

    Many people have now what is called a minimalistic or capsule wardrobe. I personally love this! What takes up the most time preparing for work? The majority of people would answer getting dressed (including the time getting your outfit ready the night before).

    This is not about not washing your clothes and wearing them over and over. This enlightening method is about finding a comfortable “look” and wearing that consistently. Maybe you get a few of the same shirt in black and white, while the black pants or blue jeans never change. If you find a look you love, you will also feel more confident because you know you look amazing! It’s all about attitude, right?

    Wearing the same thing has been done by Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, so why wouldn’t it work for you?

    At the end of the day, are people going to remember that Michael Kors sweater you wore? Or, will they think about the game-changing idea you had? Maybe you even came up with that idea while doing 5 minutes of yoga because you saved timed with your wardrobe.

    Energy is Addicting
    Like green eating, beginning to workout is hard – but the most rewarding. After the first week hurdle, you will have more energy and power. Your body will start to transform. Your mind will start to get sharper. Your confidence will soar. I promise, stick with your routine and things will change. You do not have to win a 5K in the first month. Start with walking 1 mile, then jogging half a mile. Eventually, your body will be able to handle more and more. Energy and feeling good are addicting – you will feel it soon too.

    In the morning, I do a 2-minute stretch to get the blood flowin’. In the late afternoon, I go to Krav Maga (check out the video) classes for my P1 level patch, strength training or boxing. I also do what I call strength yoga – yoga poses with body weight resistance. For example, a downward dog (Adho Mukha Shvanasana), 10 pushups and straight into the cobra pose (Bhujangasana). Later in the day, I use my Trigger Point roll (https://www.tptherapy.com/product/GRID_X_FoamRoller) to relax my muscles.

    Disconnect to Reconnect
    Sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect. The 15 minutes I use every morning to breathe, stretch and sip tea help my mind, body and spirit to disconnect. I immediately fell reconnected to myself and get in the mindset I need to perform.

    I am lucky that at my family’s homes, I can walk outside at 7am and gaze at the sun. Peering through the palm trees, I feel the sun’s far-reaching​ energy, positive vibes and vitamin D asking for me to accept. Sometimes it’s blue skies, sometimes it’s gloomy, but the butterflies always flutter elegantly around the flowers, the squirrels feast on the organic oranges and the birds whistle beautiful melodies in the background. This 2-minute disconnect from technology, news, tv and “the grid” helps me reconnect with myself and prepare me for the day.

    Morning routines are life-changing if you can find your optimal methods. They bring balance and productivity into your life. Balance is beauty, and it will shine through if you consistently practice it.

    How are your energy levels throughout the day? What do you do to counteract them? What are your morning or evening rituals? Do you feel you need a morning routine update? Comment below – I would love to hear your routines!