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For Athletes, By Athletes

For athletes, staying fit and healthy for games and competitions is the highest priority. An athlete needs to focus on the challenges ahead and not worry about the little things. The way your body feels in training or before a game can greatly affect your performance. When you wash the sweat and dirt after a game, no residue should be left and your skin and hair should be not dry. When you use sunscreen, it should not feel chalky, cakey or wear off after a little sweat. When you need a bit of warming cream to activate your muscles, it should not burn your skin.

Having played soccer for more than 25 years, I have tested the majority of conventional cosmetics on the shelves – from shampoos, lotions and sunscreens to scrubs, healing ointments and cooling balms. The problem – my skin and hair reacted to almost every product I tried in the form of redness, clogged pores, dry hair, oily skin, dandruff, burning and more. I was tired of searching for products that simply did not work.

The solution? Sport Botanics. We created a range of body care products for high-performance athletes made from organic and vegan ingredients. As athletes, we are on strict diets to fuel our bodies with vitamin-rich food and drinks. Why not treat our hair, skin and body with the same quality and top ingredients as well? We want to promote an organic revolution in the world of sports and a return back to the roots of our health.

Why Organic?

Vitamins play an essential role for elite athletes internally and externally, which translates to performance on the field, court or track. In nutrition class we all learned which and how many vitamins we need daily, but how does it apply to athletes? After training and during the regeneration process, nutrients are crucial components to “muscle tissue repair and recovery from exercise.” When we train hard, our muscles literally tear and (only with the proper amounts of vitamins in the body) rebuild bigger and stronger, allowing athletes to sprint faster, jump higher, lift heavier and run longer.

The good news – you can get these through food intake and externally through topical application of the same ingredients. Of course, the effect is not as great as direct food consumption, but the absorption through the skin is also quite effective. Although initial skin absorption is delayed, eventually ingredients permeate into the body, which also depends on the health of skin, environmental damage and many other factors, but the principle is the same. For example, consuming açaí berry for antioxidants or carrots for beta-carotene have just as wonderful effects on your dermis when they are applied topically.

Why is it important to have organic body care? The word and label “natural” has no specific definition to the FDA, and, therefore, can still be dangerous ingredients in cosmetics. Even in the USDA organic category, “100 percent organic” implies a “completely organic or made of all organic ingredients,” while “organic” denotes the product is only at least 95 percent organic. The bottom of the barrel is left for “made with organic ingredients” and means a mere 70% of the product list is organic. This labelling game forces us to be responsible, active consumers and not victims of greenwashing.

Are organic products really that much more nutritious and beneficial than conventional sorts? Many debate the nutritional values between organically and non-organically grown foods, but science and testing do not lie.

The Institute of Biomedicine studied and confirmed “organic tomatoes had higher vitamin C, carotenoids, and polyphenol contents than conventional tomatoes.” Not only has Newcastle University proved that antioxidant concentrations were “18-69% higher in organically grown crops,” concluding that the “evidence from [the] study is overwhelming – that organic food is high in antioxidants and lower in toxic metals and pesticides.” Why are antioxidants so important? Antioxidants reduce free radicals (environmental damage) and are suppressors of mutation in toxic compounds, meaning they stop the development of cancerous cells.

In another study, 13 pairs of organic and conventional strawberries, including the soil they grew in, were tested. Not only did judges deem organic strawberries to be “sweeter…better flavor…[and] better appearance than their conventional counterparts,” but separate studies also proved “higher antioxidant activity and concentrations of ascorbic acid [Vitamin C].” Not to mention, organic soil quality is significantly better and has more micronutrients with organic farming due to the non-existence of chemicals in pesticides. According to the Organic Center, it is a valid argument that traditional farming soil using pesticides produces higher yields, however, long-term, “organic farms are more profitable, deliver added environmental benefits, and are healthier in terms of increased nutritional benefit and reduced dietary pesticide exposure than conventionally produced foods.”

To summarize: vast amounts of scientific evidence (and your own common sense) prove organically produced fruits and veggies have higher levels of vitamins and nutrients than conventional ones. If athletes can use and benefit from extra nourishment from organic foods in body care, imagine the impact on sports performance through skin and body health. You will be blowing past your opponents knowing you have no more rashes, redness, itchiness, flakiness or dryness. When you feel amazing, you perform amazing. Sport Botanics can help you gain that extra foot, second and strength over your competition.

Game Application

So, you get organic farming and products are good for you, the environment and the future, but what are the organic body care applications for sports? If the extraordinary benefits of the organic food we consume can also be absorbed through the skin, why would athletes not want to gain an edge over the competition? Based on the studies mentioned above, the optimal and the maximum amount of nutrients comes from organic products. When non-organic products are applied on the skin, there is a lack of nutrients and a risk of skin reactions, like sensitivity, redness or even cancer after a long period of time.

I know what you are thinking, how many toxins and chemicals is my skin really absorbing? Scientifically, the dermis absorbs around 60% of all products applied topically to the skin. A study by the Rutgers school of pharmacy also indicated numerous “moisturizing creams increase the rate of formation and number of tumors when applied topically to UVB-pretreated high-risk mice.” Yes, this study was done on animals, however, could this pose a potential threat to humans as well?

The Organic Center wrote about a study that tested a group of teens for several weeks using “personal care products labeled free of such chemicals as phthalates, parabens, triclosan and oxybenzone.” The university concluded that a reduction of these chemicals had significant drops in chemicals levels in the body.

Imagine if you took this study a bit further and rid your cosmetic shelf of chemicals and started using organic body care? How shamazing would your skin, hair and body feel? Valuable nutrients and vitamins would be working with your body to provide maximum benefits and, ultimately, help to perform your best.

At Sport Botanics, we are not about quick fixes, magic diets or surface repairs. On our blog and through our products, we promote long-term solutions and strongly believe in a clean, mean and green lifestyle. We offer full transparency in our business and will always choose quality organic and vegan products. A green diet and consistent use of green cosmetics result “[cascade] of biological responses. The degree of responses…[varies] enormously as a function of a person’s age, total diet, health status, whether they smoke [and]…[exposure to]…pollutants.” The sooner you start using plants as healing, repairing and nourishing methods, the sooner your body and skin will feel healthier, energized, stronger and ready to take on anything!

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